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When a loved one is in jail in New Orleans and in need of bail, locate your New Orleans Bail Bondsman right here after a bail bond has been set by the court. Our New Orleans Bail professionals are available 24/7 to post your Bail Bonds anywhere in Orleans Parish. New Orleans Bail Bondsmen cover all New Orleans and Orleans Parish courts and jails. This site will soon offer listings by New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys as well. Most New Orleans/Orleans Parish criminal defense lawyers offer free consultation and many are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). For other bail bonds agents and defense lawyers throughout the United States, see

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Appeals court ruling could bolster case against New Orleans bail system The Advocate
The lawsuit also alleges the entire system in place in New Orleans represents a conflict of interest because bonds posted through bail companies generate a fee that funds court operations. U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon denied Cantrell's motion to ...
Placing a Price Tag on Freedom: The Evils of the Money-Bail System The Root
She writes that “of the defendants who could afford to post bail, 97 percent used a bail bondsman. New Orleans bondsmen earned $4.7 million in payments from defendants that year.” The racism embedded in this process is clear. UCLA’s Million Dollar ...
New Orleans bail bond companies systematically overcharging, new complaint asserts The Times-Picayune
The majority of New Orleans' bail bond companies and their insurance underwriters have systematically overcharged clients by an estimated $5 million since 2005, according to a new complaint brought Thursday (Sept. 7) by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Atlanta mayor signs new ordinance changing cash bail system in a nod to the needy MyAJC
A judge will have to set bail for defendants accused of violent offenses ... Birmingham, Ala.; and New Orleans have already abandoned pre-set cash bonds for crimes such as public drunkenness, panhandling and driving without a license.
The Latest Southern City to Take on the Cash Bail System Truthout
Under North Carolina law, judicial officials in charge of pretrial release have two different kinds of bonds they can impose to ensure ... for release from jail without having to pay bail. And last year, New Orleans passed an ordinance that eliminated ...
Historic Bail Ruling in Texas Largely Upheld Appeals Court Governing
who also supported the indigent defendants and also traveled to New Orleans to watch arguments in the October hearing, said it is time for the county to move forward. The most conservative court in America has found the discriminatory bail bond practices ...
Do Orleans Parish bail bondsmen fleece clients? State insurance department to ask court to settle legal issue Insurance News Net
That means felony suspects pay $100 too much on the average bond of $10,000, the SPLC complaint states. At the heart of the dispute is a practice that bail bondsmen in New Orleans have routinely followed since 2005. That's when state lawmakers approved an ...
Ruling That Texas Bail System Unfair to Poor Mostly Upheld U.S. News World Report
the New Orleans-based appeals court found that if you took two misdemeanor defendants in Harris County who were identical in every way, except that one is wealthy and one indigent, they would have different experiences as one would be able to post bond and ...
Bail companies accused of illegal overcharges in New Orleans Washington Times
In 2015, New Orleans judges imposed financial conditions of release on 90 percent of the defendants jailed on felony charges, the complaint says. Defendants in felony cases are overcharged an average of $100 for each bail bond, according to the complaint.
Kidd Kidd to post bail in New Orleans; Jennifer Lopez parties in Southampton New York Daily News
Bail Bondsman to the Stars Ira Judelson tells Confidenti@l the G-Unit rapper is in his custody and will be delivered to a Louisiana judge before noon on Wednesday. “He’ll post bail in New Orleans,” Judelson said Tuesday. “I imagine that bail will ...