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C & D Management, LLC.

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United Bonding Services

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When a loved one is in jail in New Orleans and in need of bail, locate your New Orleans Bail Bondsman right here after a bail bond has been set by the court. Our New Orleans Bail professionals are available 24/7 to post your Bail Bonds anywhere in Orleans Parish. New Orleans Bail Bondsmen cover all New Orleans and Orleans Parish courts and jails. This site will soon offer listings by New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys as well. Most New Orleans/Orleans Parish criminal defense lawyers offer free consultation and many are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). For other bail bonds agents and defense lawyers throughout the United States, see

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In $2B bail bond industry, freedom comes at a price Tampa Bay Times
Most bail bond agents make it their business to get their clients to court. But when Ronald Egana showed up at the criminal courthouse in New Orleans, he was surprised to find that his bondsman wanted to stop him. A bounty hunter was waiting at the ...
Overnight bail bond services to cease in Orleans Parish WVUE FOX 8 News
Matt Denis of Steve's Bail Bonds said the shorter hours for bail bond services ... is in custody following a double shooting in the Seventh Ward, according to the New Orleans Police Department. Two people are injured and a suspect is in custody following ...
'Systematically overcharging' suspects has reaped Orleans bail bondsmen millions, complaint says The Advocate
Nearly every bail bond company operating in New Orleans routinely charges illegally high rates to cut criminal suspects loose from jail, according to a complaint filed Thursday with the Louisiana Department of Insurance. The Southern Poverty Law Center ...
New Orleans bail bond companies systematically overcharging, new complaint asserts
The majority of New Orleans' bail bond companies and their insurance underwriters have systematically overcharged clients by an estimated $5 million since 2005, according to a new complaint brought Thursday (Sept. 7) by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Civil rights group’s lawsuit targets bail bond companies The Washington Times
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A civil rights group has filed a federal lawsuit against a New Orleans bail bond company and related businesses, alleging they violated federal lending and racketeering laws by charging hidden and illegal fees. The Southern Poverty Law ...
What If You Can't Afford Bail? A Few Large Companies Rake In Billions In Bond Business International Business Times
Detainees awaiting their court dates can pay a non-refundable fee — usually worth 10 percent of the required bail but varying by state — to a bail bond agent or insurance ... by researchers in Maryland and New Orleans, for example — are often ...
I Spent The Past Year Posting Bail For Poor New Yorkers. This Is My Prayer The Forward
Bain Correctional Facility, is an 800-bed floating jail barge in the East River built in New Orleans for $161 million ... me that she did not have money to pay bail for her son, and so resorted to hiring a bail bondsman. The bondsman required collateral ...