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When a loved one is in jail in New Orleans and in need of bail, locate your New Orleans Bail Bondsman right here after a bail bond has been set by the court. Our New Orleans Bail professionals are available 24/7 to post your Bail Bonds anywhere in Orleans Parish. New Orleans Bail Bondsmen cover all New Orleans and Orleans Parish courts and jails. This site will soon offer listings by New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys as well. Most New Orleans/Orleans Parish criminal defense lawyers offer free consultation and many are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). For other bail bonds agents and defense lawyers throughout the United States, see

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Bail News

2 federal judges find constitutional problem with debtors prisons and bail in New Orleans ABA Journal
Two federal judges have ruled against the constitutionality of court practices in New Orleans that had sent criminal defendants ... of poor defendants are violated when fees on surety bonds for bail h...
Court tells New Orleans judge to stop locking people up because they are poor ThinkProgress
That means that, if you are charged with a state crime in New Orleans, Cantrell will decide if you are entitled to bail, how much you must pay, and whether you must use a bail bondsman. Cantrell liter...
Federal Judges Order New Orleans Courts to Stop Shaking Down Citizens with Fees, High Bail Reason
The Orleans Parish criminal court gets more than half of the revenue for its general fund from fines and from a 3 percent fee it collects from bail bonds. Judges thus stand to benefit from the fines a...
Lawyer for convicted N.O. bail bondsman asks judge to scrap guilty pleas, order mental exam The Advocate
Attorneys for former New Orleans bail bondsman Rufus Johnson asked a federal judge this week to let them withdraw his April guilty pleas to a bond-rigging conspiracy and to order a psychiatrist to exa...
Civil rights group’s lawsuit targets bail bond companies The Washington Times
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A civil rights group has filed a federal lawsuit against a New Orleans bail bond company and related businesses, alleging they violated federal lending and racketeering laws by char...
Watchdog group accuses New Orleans bail companies of illegal overcharges WDSU
A watchdog group claims New Orleans bail companies routinely ... center said they found at least 21 bail companies that customarily charge criminal defendants a premium of 13 percent of the face value ...
Nimali Henry didn't have to die and shouldn't have been in jail
According to the factual basis that accompanies a plea agreement entered by Corp. Timothy Williams in federal court in New ... lieu of bail. Henry's bail was set at $25,000, and as her sister said aft...
The Bail Project strives for cash bail to be 'the exception, not the rule' in St. Louis St. Louis Public Radio
In New Orleans, a recent pilot program found ... The office now works closely with The Bail Project, which typically posts bonds that are $5,000 or less. When judges set release conditions for ...
Cash bond system keeps many in jail The Houma Courier
According to a recent report by the New Orleans-based Data Center, the money bail system includes $6.4 million from New Orleans families each year alone. Cash bonds remain a controversial issue that s...
Orleans Parish chief defender: Public defense needs funding, reform The Advocate
Federal judges in two separate New Orleans cases struck down parts of our user-pay system ... but because they are too poor to pay their bond. Bail does not make us safer; it more often penalizes pove...
Demario Davis: In fight for justice, 'use what you can to make a difference'
The New Orleans session also included NFL Commissioner Roger ... had a conflict of interest because the court system gets revenues from bond fees -- so the higher the bail, the more money the courts g...